IT Help Desk

At Msk It Project we provide IT Help Desk supports ranging from First line, Second line and Third line support. We have trained and experienced professional engineers who have experience in the following areas Windows, Mac and Linux base operating systems.

System Repair

We can repair hardware server based system and work stations. We also do systems maintenance with full upgrade if required for both hardware and software.
We are dedicated in visiting our clients as we have professional field engineers with very good customer service experience.

Servers Installation and Supports

We install software based servers for Small, Medium and Big businesses.
These software range from Windows Server, Linus Server and Mac OS Service. We also provide support for all these servers. At Msk It Project, we have experienced engineers that handle the IT infrastructures for your business. So you only have to think about the day-to-day running of your business. We can do networking for your organisation from design stage to deployment. We can arrange for full support after deployment.

Software Installation

At Msk It Project we provide all types of software installation. Our customers can purchase their software and book installation or upgrade for them. We can also arrange software purchase and installation should they find difficult to get the right software they need.
We do not provide software for our customers but we can help to identify the software you need. You can then purchase it and we do your installation. Software installation including Microsoft Office, Anti-virus, Windows and Linux.

Remote Support

We do not need to take away your busy time from you just because you need our help by coming to you. We offer remote support which is as efficient as visiting you should your need falls in the remote support range.
We do not provide remote support for hardware replacement or maintenance due to system shutdown when carrying out these type of work. We would always do our best to minimise any disruption during these process.

PC Troubleshooting

We can carryout full troubleshooting on your systems or IT infrastructure to identify what is giving you problem. We can also fix the problem if that is been arranged by you and us which would get your business or home IT infrastructure quickly back up and running. We can provide advise on your current system in place and identify any area of improvement.

Engineer Call-out

Our call-out charge is always part of your final bill if we ended up doing the job for you. Our call-out charge would not affect you final bill but improve your final bill so you don’t have to pay twice for the same job.

We also accept most form of payments to make it even convenient for you making payment.

Printer Installation

It is always difficult purchasing the ring printer for your business/home and get it installed. Some printer installations are not really straight forward. We have professional printer/hardware installation engineers who can handle this for you whiles you are having your cup of tea.

We do not provide printer/hardware accessories to carry out your installation. So please make sure when purchasing your printer/hardware you have all necessary accessories to get smooth installation. Also seek advise from manufacturer or store where you purchasing the hardware the accessories.

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